MikvahCloud Software Improves the Mikvah Experience

MikvahCloud is software designed to make your Mikvah experience discreet and efficient. It is designed to limit wait time and frustration and maximize privacy and security.

The software enables women to book reservations in seconds. It facilitates their arrival to the Mikvah at the right time, and reduces their wait time.

Advanced algorithms are used to optimize the room allocation decision making process. This results in a more private and efficient trip to the Mikvah.

MikvahCloud Software Will:
  • Book & Manage More Reservations
  • Reduce Wait Time Significantly
  • Increase Income & Receivables
  • Streamline The Room Management Process
  • Enhance The Privacy Of Your Customers
  • Improve The Security Of Your Data

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Out of the box, you can get started with the software immediately. For more information contact us, or call us at 845-501-7380


MikvahCloud is affordable, so much so it’s FREE! How do we do it? It’s simple: We make money by adding a small $2.00 service fee to your reservation fee.

Let's Say:
  • You charge $20 for an appointment.
  • $18.00 will go into your bank account.
  • $2.00 will go to our bank account.
  • The payee will be charged $20.

Will it really cost us nothing?

Yes! The core software is free for the Mikvah. If you want us to import legacy data, set up your room configuration, integrate a dial in phone reservation system, set up TV monitors for appointment notifications, add a Kiosk for walk-in appointments, integrate the room system with your door sensors or more customizations–we can add those customizations at an additional cost.

To learn more contact us today.

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