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      If your local Mikvah is not using the software, please have them contact us for a free demo!
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      What is MikvahCloud?

      MikvahCloud is software designed to make your Mikvah experience discreet and efficient. It is designed to limit wait time and frustration and maximize privacy and security.

      To schedule an appointment at your local Mikvah, enter your city or zip code above or download our iOS or Android app for the fastest experience.

      It is designed to ensure there is limited wait time, limited frustration and maximum privacy and security.

      The software enables women to book reservations in seconds. It facilitates their arrival to the Mikvah at the right time, and reduces their wait time. Advanced algorithms are used to optimize the room allocation decision making process. This results in a more private and efficient trip to the Mikvah.

      Private & Secure

      This software was designed to improve the privacy and security around the Mikvah experience.

      From reducing the wait time at the Mikvah, to automatically being told which room to go to as you walk through the door - MikvahCloud is about making the Mikvah experience more personalized and discreet.

      The software is designed to request minimal client information, while at the same time securing the data needed with robust and industry leading levels of security. Through our use of TLS, HTTPS, data encryption, and many other advanced cyber-security tools, we are passionate and dedicated to keeping your information private and secure.